Monday, 9 February 2009

Blogs, the Enlightenment and Creationism revisited

In Blogs, the Enlightenment and Creationism I wrote about, amongst other things, so-called "intelligent design" and the Kitzmiller/Dover case.

I have recently come across a publication entitled "Rescuing Darwin" by Nick Spencer and Denis Alexander, published by Theos, which is well worth a read for those interested in the subject, and which also contains a description of the results of recent polling on public attitudes to Darwinian evolution by natural selection.

It is freely available but under terms which are to my poor mind next to incomprehensible. Despite that, it is clear enough that it is free for individual readers to download (go to the "download report" link on the page I have given) and read, so download and enjoy.

For those living near or visiting London, I also recommend an outing to Down House, Darwin's former family home now run by English Heritage, which gives a remarkable insight into Darwin's life and ideas. A google search will find internet links, with particulars of when it is open.